‘Me time’ activated: Time to develop and live

Well it’s official.  I’ve been canned and released from the duties of the daily grind.   It will be a long time before I ever sit in that long disgusting line of cars that make up the daily commute.

It’s going to take at least a couple weeks to decompress and adjust to this new gift that’s being thrust upon me…the precious gift of TIME.   As of recently, I’ve tried to accomplish many things and between personal projects and the time commitment of the rate race, I’ve often had to fight to squeeze out just 20 minutes of free time to do what I want.

So now, the clock opens up to me.   I’ve got few commitments now beyond a few hours of teaching and some time, I’ve got to allocate to freelance work that I’ll generate.

So how to spend it?   I’ll tell you how I’m going to spend it.   Perhaps it bit selfishly but after four years of dedicating time to the grind, I’m going to spend it on ME.   If you’ve read the about page, you’ll know this blog is a bit of a personal side project and a practice tool for me to try to develop blogging skills.    And if you’ve read any of this blog (there’s maybe two of you out there), you’ll also know I and any readers could benefit from me taking a writing class.

So my personal outline for things I’m going to spend my time on and that are important to me (ME ME ME right?) are some of the following:

  • A writing class
  • A class or meetup focused on WordPress best practices
  • Development of a side project to do some freelance data cleanup for CRM systems
  • Exploration of photography and making a bit of income creating stock photos
  • A deeper review of Medium as a forum for writing, promotion of my sites, and generating a bit of side income
  • House hunting.   Good real estate deals do exist out there.   Capturing one is an avenue to some extra money and a chance to further develop my tiny real estate empire
  • Oh sweet travel.
  • Exercise.  I’ve got to believe with my time opening up, I can start to live a more healthy life.
  • Cooking at home.

2 thoughts on “‘Me time’ activated: Time to develop and live

  1. I would say sorry for the job loss but actually congrats on the new found time and opening to new opportunities and extra time you have. As someone who is still at a time consuming job It’s mind numbing thinking of having at least an extra 50 hours back to yourself that otherwise is being consumed during the week on getting ready for work, driving, staring at TPS reports and mind numbing work chatter and meetings.
    I hope you keep updating on your projects and supplemental income during this transition.

    1. Thanks Jake appreciate the comment. It’s interesting how you find that time sort of moves much quicker but at the same time your actually accomplishing more. I’ll keep updating this for sure. No reason you can’t be doing similar projects. I need a site to hit to get lunch ideas. Know of any?

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