“And then they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler”

After close to four years at my corporate cubicle hell open workspace hell,  I reached the end of my PIP.   The hammer dropped.   I was gracefully dismissed and was escorted to the exit.    It’s ok…I honestly should have quit two years ago when they switched from the Swingline to the Boston Stapler.

Would you believe that you can actually pick one of these up on Amazon?  Hilarious.   The novelty value alone is worth it…

In a show of unity with Milton Waddams, I’m picking one up.


There’s a little bit of Milton in all of us.   To anyone that has ever felt frustration with the bureaucracy.  To anyone that has had to go to payroll and then back to the boss and then back to payroll.   To anyone that has struggled to get a access to a functioning mouse or stuck using the same laptop for 4 years that crawls when trying to work with files over a few megs.  To anyone that felt a sense of attachment to their Swingline stapler only to see it switched out to the inferior Boston Stapler…My sympathies.

Dealing with these frustrations is part of corporate life.   We all might have a different way of going about it but for god sakes don’t set the building on fire.

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