Shanghai and Chiang Mai and Taipei Oh My!

Asia Trip Booked

Recently unemployed(again). So I’ve booked for a trip to head out to Asia next week. On the itinerary is a layover in Shanghai. Then I’m flying on to Bangkok, Thailand for transit to Chiang Mai to test the waters of a top destination for frugal living and digital nomadism.

I’ll see what type of budget I can keep at Chiang Mai, I’ll share my findings and maybe make some videos. Chiang Mai is on the agenda for a few weeks before heading over to Taipei, Taiwan which is where I’m planning to make my home base. I’ve got some friends there and I know the territory well.

Chiang Mai is known for very affordable living and is a popular retirement destination for many. I won’t be there long enough to warrant getting an apartment, but I’ll check out some hostels and affordable hotels.  I’ll look into the cost of apartments when you do a real-world search.  A quick search on Agoda shows how affordable Chiang Mai can be.

Here are some of the things I plan on checking out and reporting back for Chiang Mai cost of living in late 2018.

  • Cost of hotels and amenities and real-world experience staying there
  • Exploring Chiang Mai co-working offices and
  • General travel and tourism experience
  • Eats.. Thai food..yum.
  • Meeting other expats and their experience

To anyone considering traveling to Chiang Mai/Bangkok/Taipei, Feel free to share any requests for places to check out. Stay tuned.



Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links from Agoda.  Booking a trip from this link, may result in me receiving a commission.


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