Digital Nomad Life for Non-Programmers

CAMP AIS coworking Space

Oh, you’re a location independent software engineer that travels the world living the digital nomad life with a six-figure salary, living on 15K a year? Good for you, but what about the rest of us? Why should programmers and software engineers have all the fun while the rest of us are stuck in cubicles? I …

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Warren Buffett’s Instructions For Wife’s Inheritance

Warren Buffett is a world-renowned investor. Many would consider him the best alive. He’s among the world’s richest men and he made the majority of his money investing in stocks and buying companies. But someday he’ll pass. And he left instructions to the trust administrator on how to invest the money he’s passing on to …

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The Strange World of American Fast Food in Taiwan

A major motivator for traveling the world is to expand your perspective and become more cultured by sampling various cuisines from far away lands. But sometimes screw it, you just want a Big Mac. Never fear. Some top American fast food chains have established a presence in Asia. I’ll take a look at the typical …

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