I’m Outsourcing My Job Search While I Travel to Asia. Let’s See What Happens.

Well wouldn’t you know it. The guy that created a blog about getting fired just got let go again. It was a good two and a half year run but in late December I was laid off.

I had the good fortune and experience of getting word well ahead of time and got to spend a month or so training the team in India that will be doing the work I did at a geo-arbitraged price saving the company some money.

So here I am with some time off and a few goals and ideas. Here’s what’s in store:


It’s cold and snowy in Chicago. I’m heading to Asia with sites set on Taiwan and Vietnam. I’ll make sure and share a bit of this.

Taiwan offers a fascinating mix of modern cities like Taipei, known for its bustling night markets and the towering Taipei 101, and traditional elements such as the historic temples and the breathtaking Taroko Gorge. I plan to immerse myself in the local culture, trying out street food delicacies like stinky tofu and bubble tea, and exploring the lesser-known corners of Taipei.

One thing I’m particularly excited about is exploring Taiwan’s tech scene. As a data analyst, the opportunity to see how technology intertwines with daily life in one of Asia’s tech hubs is thrilling. Additionally, I’m keen on visiting the traditional tea plantations in the highlands. The serene landscapes and the taste of freshly brewed Taiwanese tea seem like a perfect escape from the hustle of city life.

Vietnam, on the other hand, offers a deep dive into a rich historical tapestry and stunning natural landscapes. Starting from the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City, I aim to explore the dynamic blend of French colonial architecture, vibrant markets, and the famous Cu Chi tunnels.

You can tell Chat GPT wrote the last three paragraphs right?

Some Entrepreneurial Projects

Maybe it’s time for me to hang it up with the W2 work. I think I’m in a place where that’s feasible. But I’ll want something else to work on. The next month will entail a bit of exploration in various pursuits that might generate a bit of income. One of which I have some interest in taking this blog out of the late 2000’s and dabbling a bit more with the 2020’s vis a vis Youtube Shorts and other social media. Here’s where you could find some of that:

a clip from my recent travel to BGC Manila

I Outsource My Job Search

I went on Upwork and created an ad seeking a job search assistant. There’s no shortage of folks working less than $10/hour USD to help assist with this. Here’s the pitch of the one I chose:

Dear Hiring Manager, I am enthusiastic about the Job Search Assistant role. With robust experience in HR and data analytics job searching, I am adept at navigating job boards and tailoring applications to specific roles. My expertise lies in identifying positions like HRIS Analyst and HR Data Manager/Analyst, ensuring a perfect match with your qualifications. I commit to meticulously searching and applying to suitable jobs, and customizing your resume for each role to enhance your prospects. You can expect organized updates and detailed Excel reports on applications, maintaining transparent communication throughout the process. This role demands a self-driven, efficient approach, and I am ready to deliver this with my skills in data entry and research. I am eager to discuss how my dedication and expertise can propel your career forward. Best regards, REDACTED.

Here’s the pitch. Name redacted so as not to point any business to them which might distract them from their dedication to me the valued client.

What’s the worst that can happen? I guess we’ll see. I suppose there is the risk of my resume being spammed all over the internet to irrelevant job postings. I suspect they may be making use of automation tools that might have otherwise been available to me. My friend told me they are probably using an AI to mass apply to jobs. He referenced this: https://lazyapply.com/

I’ll update my results on this for the interested of my literally HUNDREDS of subscribers.

UPDATE: Results

Well what can I say.. In a few words, I’m not particularly impressed. For 10 hours of work I got a Google sheets shared with me that showed 57 job applications applied for. At one point in the process, the gig worker reached out to me and wanted to establish access to my Linked In. My guess is that with the right access, they would be able to apply directly to jobs on Linked In. There is a “Easy Apply” button that can more or less apply with a few short clicks which could really get the numbers up for jobs applied to. In short, this is likely to be one of those situations where if you want something done better to do it yourself. Is filling out a job application worth about $1 to me? Ah…IDK.

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