About Getting Canned

Job loss is an event many may experience at some point in life. I had the good fortune of losing my job right as the Great Recession of 2008 kicked off. This led to me being long-term unemployed for two years.  For two years I struggled with having no job income until I decided to think outside the box to insure this never happens again.  This blog is about the lessons that followed and how you can avoid the struggle I was dealt.

Getting Canned tells my story of how I dealt with the problem of unemployment. Thinking outside the box, I moved to Asia and taught English for about three years.  I found a lot of opportunity and a new way of thinking I want to share for those pursuing financial independence.

I created this site to be an outlet to vent about work life and job loss.  If you wish to share your story about job loss just drop me a line. “Getting Canned” is focused on showcasing ways to prosper after job loss, what to do after job loss to make it to your next job or ditching office work entirely.

Site Creator

I’m an early 40’s guy who’s an experienced investor, has some entrepreneurial experience, real estate experience, loves world travel, food, and computers. After finishing up at my latest contract office job, I moved to Taiwan to pursue a life with more freedom.

Contact me

Feel free to drop me a line below if you have anything you want to share.  I welcome feedback good or bad. I’ll help you if you’re interested in blogging or have world travel questions. If you want to do a guest post or share a story about job loss just reach out.