A list of consulting contract companies to help you find work

Should you find yourself terminated and wanting to actually go back into an office and work, here’s a list of companies that could possibly help you.   Agency Name AccruePartners Adecco Aerotek Artisan Atrium Award Staffing CornerStone Staffing CoWorx Staffing Services Creative Circle Davis Companies HH Staffing Insight Global Integrity Staffing Solutions JWilliams Staffing Keepers …

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Quit or Get Fired?


At some point on the path of the performance improvement plan most of us face the question, “Should I stay or should I go?” or more appropriately in a PIP situation, should I quit or let them fire me. By the time an employee is on a PIP, typically management already had made the decision …

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Earning Non-Job Income

Relaxed earning

Going against the script and making money outside of the confines of the traditional 9 to 5 job office job is doable but don’t let anyone delude you into thinking it’s easy. Well, actually it can be easy if you’re lucky or exceptionally smart.  But for the rest of us, it’s gonna take some effort …

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