Blogging is Dead

There’s an old saying about markets from the Great Depression. “You know it’s time to sell when shoeshine boys give you stock tips. This bull market is over.” The idea is that markets come about and a certain point they get saturated. So is this true for blogging? I think there was a sweet spot, …

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Blogger Toolbelt

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission for sales generated from these links. I only establish affiliate relationships with brands I use and believe in and would not support them if I did not use them myself. If you decide to create a blog and hope to get a following (and make some money), …

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The Pay of a Blogger

World Currencies

It’s mid-January 2019, and the current state of the internet is that there’s a lot of bloggers out there. Take a spin on Instagram or Twitter and check out the wave of WordPress devotees publishing everything under the sun. Search “blogger,” or “travel blog” or “financial independence” and take your pick of the blog that …

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