Digital Nomad Life for Non-Programmers

CAMP AIS coworking Space

Oh, you’re a location independent software engineer that travels the world living the digital nomad life with a six-figure salary, living on 15K a year? Good for you, but what about the rest of us? Why should programmers and software engineers have all the fun while the rest of us are stuck in cubicles? I …

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The Strange World of American Fast Food in Taiwan

A major motivator for traveling the world is to expand your perspective and become more cultured by sampling various cuisines from far away lands. But sometimes screw it, you just want a Big Mac. Never fear. Some top American fast food chains have established a presence in Asia. I’ll take a look at the typical …

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Cashing American Checks in Asia.


Well back in December, I decided to sell everything I own and move to Taiwan for the winter. I was so anxious to get away from another Chicago winter, that I vacated my apartment before the end of my lease. My condolences to sufferers of the polar vortex. Get yourself a pair of these and …

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Disconnected In Tokyo: A Cell Phone Nightmare

These days it’s easy to be a road warrior and travel to foreign lands when you have a smartphone in hand. You can translate language on the fly with Google Translate. You always know where you’re going with Google Maps or Apple Maps. Restaurant reviews are at your fingertips for any location you discover unless …

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Company Man to My Own Man – Becoming Unemployment Proof

Today’s guest post is from Adrian who blogs over at Clever and Lazy. Adrian reached out to me after hearing my guest spot on Choose FI and shared how he had a similar experience during the financial collapse in the late 2000’s. Adrian decided to reboot his career by moving to Shanghai, China. Here’s his …

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