Meetup Details

Look above to see info on the Meetup which is embedded directly in my WordPress blog.

Thanks for registering! Here are a couple of things you may want to review prior to coming if you have time.

A “domain name” is the name of a website that people type in to go to your blog. This blog’s domain name is You can get a .org or a .com or a .biz domain as well. There are several different suffixes available but I believe “.com” is still the best


Do you want to get a domain name?

If you are interested in buying a domain name you could start searching for ones that are available now on a name registrar. There are several companies that do this. Two of the most popular are called GoDaddy and Namecheap.

I’m a fan of Namecheap. If you’d like to see if a domain name is available you can click the Namecheap link and see if it’s taken yet. I’ve got an affiliate partnership with them so if you sign up through the link above you can get a domain name for only 88 cents if you wish.

Meetup Sep 15th Agenda

  • Go over Domain selection and buying a domain name.
  • Why you actually would want to keep your name registrar separate from your web host.
  • Choosing a web host and types of hosting available
  • Installing WordPress
  • What does WordPress actually do? Does it cost money?
  • What do themes do?
  • What’s the difference between a blog and a website?
  • The new “Gutenberg” block editor
  • What are some ways bloggers make money?
  • Quick overview of SEO
  • Google Analytics
Domain names for just 88 cents!