Money Saving & Money Making Stuff

The following are sites that provide services that can provide incredible value to the person on the journey of seeking freedom from the office. I’ve used all of them and recommend them as great tools in your financial plan.

Personal Finance Tools

Empower (formerly Personal Capital) will allow you to track your net worth for free. Sign up with this link to get a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate.

M1 Finance has a no fee robo-advisor service. Sign up with this link and you’ll get a $100 credit for new accounts.

Fundrise to invest in private market real estate for as little as $500. It’s an interesting alternative to a traditional REIT like you can find on Vanguard. Sign up with my affiliate link to get $50 in free shares.

Vanguard for low cost index fund investing and the ability to invest in traditional REIT’s.

Blogging Tools

Namecheap will allow you to register a domain to build your own website or blog. In my opinion, they are the best and are priced competitively. (The word “cheap” is in their name).

Siteground will let you host a blog or website on their fast SSD servers at a great promotional rate price.

Big Scoots has fast quality hosting and excellent service with pricing that can scale up or down as necessary.

Grammarly will help you make sure your writing isn’t loaded with mistakes.

Office Escape Plan


Travel Tools

Traveling Mailbox will allow you to travel and get your mail anywhere you go. They’ll allow you to deposit paper checks you receive into your bank remotely.

Google Fi will set you up with a SIM card and phone and data service that is priced competitively. Get a $20 credit when you sign up with my affiliate link.

Payoneer will let you get paid by anyone in the world at very competitive rates. Sign up and get $25 bonus credit once you’ve been paid past a certain threshold. Adios Paypal.

Mint Mobile has prepaid cell phone plans with some of the best rates I’ve seen. They also have ads with Ryan Reynolds if that does anything for you. Sign up with my link to get a $15 dollar cred.

Books That Changed my Financial Life

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris had some amazing ideas and a mindset that resonated with many in the work culture that read it. Some of the ideas have already been heavily exploited since the book came out but still a great read.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a somewhat controversial book and Kiyosaki gets a lot of flack for being short on details. Some of his advice could be considered dishonest and just bad. That being said, some of his general ideas are a good mindset to have. Reconsidering ideas like “a house is your greatest asset” might have saved me from a lot of loss when the real estate collapse happened. This book outlines a fairly simple path to wealth. Focus on acquiring assets and minimizing debts and liabilities. Invest in assets that generate income and capital appreciation. That’s all you really need to do.

The Intelligent Investor is Warren Buffet’s go to book on investing.  Widely considered to be the world’s greatest investor, it makes sense to see where he learned his investing strategies.

How to Get Started in Real Estate Investment is a realistic look at real estate investing as well as a takedown of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. (This guy seriously hates Robert Kiyosaki!). Some of Reed’s writing reads a bit like a rather hilarious takedown of a scam artist.

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