Blogger Toolbelt

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission for sales generated from these links. I only establish affiliate relationships with brands I use and believe in and would not support them if I did not use them myself. If you decide to create a blog and hope to get a following (and make some money), …

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The Pay of a Blogger

World Currencies

It’s mid-January 2019, and the current state of the internet is that there’s a lot of bloggers out there. Take a spin on Instagram or Twitter and check out the wave of WordPress devotees publishing everything under the sun. Search “blogger,” or “travel blog” or “financial independence” and take your pick of the blog that …

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Medical Care Overseas: A Trip to the ER in Taiwan

ER Waiting Room Taiwan

I’ve been in Taipei, Taiwan for close to two weeks now. After the first couple of days I came down with a minor cold. I used to live in Taiwan, and I remember now that in Taipei, the winters tend to be cool and damp and having a mild cold and allergies was a common …

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I Got My Head Vacuumed in Taiwan

Taiwan Haircut

Man I love Asia, specifically Taiwan. I got a haircut yesterday for just $3 US dollars. Without regard to what I requested, as translated from English to Chinese via my girlfriend, then conveyed to the stylist, the cut was fairly standard Taiwan style which is high and tight. It looks well enough. For Three bucks …

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Overcoming Job Related Identity Loss

Today’s guest post talks about the loss of identity. It often comes with losing a job, but sometimes, it can come WITH the job. This post comes to you courtesy of Mr. Flexcents who writes about personal finance as well as health and wellness over at  Let’s dive in with a personal story of his. …

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The American Salary is an Illusion

So I’m on day three of my mini-retirement.  I’m posted up in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a week or two and I’m thinking about the low cost of living and debating the merits of living in lower cost areas in Asia vs. the USA. In my opinion, the best reason to live in the US  …

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Mini Retirement Day 1: Bangkok, Thailand

So here I am on day one of my mini-retirement. I flew from Chicago to Bangkok with a layover in Shanghai.  I reached my destination around 1:00 am and grabbed a few hours of sleep and now it’s 10:00 AM.  What better way to start the day then hitting an American based international coffee chain? …

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Changing My Financial Life After My Employer Refused to Pay Me

Today’s guest post comes from Liz who blogs over at Splurging on Freedom. Liz has an incredible story about how she was in line to inherit an enviable amount of money and then lost this position in a moment. Read more of her story on her blog.  Here’s Liz’s story about her employer not paying her …

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