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Recently fired?  Misery loves company.

If you’re here, there’s a chance that you were recently terminated from your job and this site caught your attention.  If that’s the case, let me first say I’m sorry for your job loss and hope things work out for the best.  Secondly, let me welcome you to my site.   This site is intended to be a bit of comic and stress relief from the typically negative experience of getting canned.  It’s also intended to point you in the direction of a few helpful resources to reassure you that there is life after the performance improvement plan.

Often in life, getting let go from the wrong job ends up being a good experience that puts you on the right path in the long run.  But the short term can be rough.   Maybe the resources here can make things a bit better.

So first of all, take care of yourself.  I’m not a doctor but if you’re feeling very upset or depressed, see if your previous employer offers any kind of therapy or support of some kind.   If you’re feeling hopeless seek help.

If you’ve got your head right, you might next want to look into my list of things to do after being terminated or the “Getting Fired Checklist”.

This site will touch on some of the things that can help you move forward, dealing with being unemployed and trying to figure out the next steps going forward.   Perhaps you’ve decided your previous way of work just isn’t for you and you’d like to start a business or new career.   I’ll get some content in here to assist.

If you’d like to submit an article to contribute your experience feel free to contact me at [email protected] or below.