Taiwan Haircut

I Got My Head Vacuumed in Taiwan

Man I love Asia, specifically Taiwan. I got a haircut yesterday for just $3 US dollars. Without regard to what I requested, as translated from English to Chinese via my girlfriend, then conveyed to the stylist, the cut was fairly standard Taiwan style which is high and tight. It looks well enough. For Three bucks I can’t complain.

The experience was pretty cool. You enter the salon, and put a 100 NT dollar bill (about $3 US) into a vending machine. A ticket spits out with a number. When your number lights up you go to the stylist and get a quick decent cut. The best part is at the end of the haircut is at the end, they use this sort of vacuum tube to suck all the loose hairs from your head. It’s kind of noisy but it feels cool. I’ll chalk it up as a Taiwanese win.

Drop 100 NT in this machine…
And you’ll get a ticket for a haircut and head vacuum.
The head vacuuming process