So I Created My Own Mutual Funds

Hedge fund manager life, here I come. Thoughts of a high rise condo on the Upper East Side and summering in the Hamptons are certainly in my future now that I’m curating investments for the masses. Ok, I confess this isn’t exactly true in a literal sense. (or legal sense..or well, probably ANY sense.)

Living the Hedgefund Advisor life. And then I woke up.

Ok, ok…I didn’t technically create my own mutual fund. But what I did do is select a group of stocks to purchase in an M1 Finance “pie” where they will be automatically maintained. And I can invest or sell from this selection of stocks on an ongoing basis at no cost. To me, that sounds a lot like a mutual fund with a zero expense ratio and no commissions for transactions. And that’s attractive.

The “Pies” I Created

“Boglehead Portfolio”

The first is my version of the popular lazy 3 fund portfolio, but I’ve also added real estate as well. In honor of the late John Bogle, I’ve named it the Boglehead portfolio. Here it is.

My own lazy portfolio

Not exactly killing it.

Update 4-24-19: Well things turned around.

“Go Catch Growth Fund”

I also created, what I’m thinking of as a growth fund. The selection of stocks are mostly tech-based and I chose based on the fact that these stocks don’t pay a dividend as of the time of selection. This means that as long as none are paying dividends, any gains within this fund wouldn’t be subject to income tax until you sell.

So it’s cheap or free to carry. Below is a glimpse of my “Go Catch Growth” fund. Click the link to see all my selections which if I’m lucky could beat a blindfolded monkey choosing stocks by throwing darts at a dartboard.

Hand selected by me.

It’s not all caviar and fine dining.

a quarterly return as of 2/11/2019 according to M1 Finance.

Of course in the future, any one of the companies might start to pay a dividend and thus an income tax bill. I could always kick a stock out if that happens.

Here’s my selection of companies. They say that sometimes a monkey playing darts can select stocks better than a professional MBA on Wall Street so let’s see how I can do.

If you are interested in using a no-fee robo advisor to invest, consider trying M1 Finance. I’ve loved it so far and if you sign up through my affiliate link, you’ll get a $10 credit just to try it.

Obligatory Disclaimer: I’ll point out that while I have over 23 years of experience investing, I’m not a professional financial advisor or licensed broker. This post is for entertainment purposes and you should check with a professional financial advisor before purchasing or selling any stocks.

I am also an affiliate of M1 Finance which means I’ll earn a commission on some signups generated from clicking a link on this page. If you signup based on the links on this post, you’ll get a $10 credit for opening a new account. Get the details by reading on M1 Finance site. I only recommend services I use and actually think are a good deal.