Getting Fired From My First Job Helped Me Become a Better Worker

Today’s guest post comes to us from Nathan who blogs over at Millionaire Dojo. Great post Nathan! Thank you. When I was 17, I got my first job at Chic-fil-A. I was excited to start earning some money and hoped to make some new friends. I was homeschooled, so creating friendships at work was important …

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Overcoming Job Related Identity Loss

Today’s guest post talks about the loss of identity. It often comes with losing a job, but sometimes, it can come WITH the job. This post comes to you courtesy of Mr. Flexcents who writes about personal finance as well as health and wellness over at  Let’s dive in with a personal story of his. …

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Job Loss AGAIN. Next stop ASIA.


Well wouldn’t you know it, the “Getting Canned” blogger is about to deal with job loss again. But this time around, I won’t classify it as truly getting fired because this is more like a contract wrapping up. Nevertheless, this is the end of a job and time to move on to the next thing. At the time …

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Long Term Unemployment


I sympathize with those that have ever been long-term unemployed. I experienced this myself several years ago. Back in the financial crisis of 2008, I found myself long-term unemployed for about two years before taking action that sent me to the other side of the planet. It happened a few months after accepting a consulting …

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