Cashing American Checks in Asia.

Well back in December, I decided to sell everything I own and move to Taiwan for the winter. I was so anxious to get away from another Chicago winter, that I vacated my apartment before the end of my lease. My condolences to sufferers of the polar vortex. Get yourself a pair of these and you just might survive.

I had a conversation with the property manager about vacating early and if they could release me from the terms of my lease. He agreed that if the unit is rented that I won’t be responsible for payment after they find a new tenant. Fair enough.

A few weeks into January I asked for an update from the property manager and was happy to learn that they rented the unit a few days after I vacated. I owe nothing and in fact I’m getting money back since I paid for the full month of December. Wow. Noice.

The Check is in the Mail

There’s just one little issue. International mail is expensive and slow. Companies don’t want to send a check to Asia generally speaking. If you travel globally, you may start to ask yourself how to deposit checks when abroad?

If you go overseas, this will keep you connected to your life in the US.   Using an open and scan service will keep you up to date with mail

This is a lot like a post office box but without ever requiring you to make a trip to the post office.

After doing my research I felt Traveling Mailbox is best for me but there are other options.   Here are other companies providing similar services.

ProviderPrice (subject to change)
Mailbox Forwarding$14.95-49.95/month
Virtual Post Mail$9.99-59.99/month
St. Brendan?s Isle$11.99-29.99/month
Earth Class Mail$49-499/month
Post Scan Mail$9.95-39.95/month
Traveling Mailbox$15-55/month
NY Mail$25-40/month
Americas Mailbox$11-20/month
US Global Mail$10-15/month

My previous apartment manager wasn’t the only one trying to pay me. Since I sold my car and canceled my apartment and car insurance, my insurance company was trying to send me a check for reimbursement.

So if you want to be nomadic and travel and explore other countries it kind of presents a problem. Even in 2019, there are still times you need to get good old fashioned paper snail mail. Luckily there is a solution to this problem. For me, it was a mail scanning service.

I signed up for service with Traveling Mailbox. A mail scanning solution gives you the freedom to explore the world and still get paper mail that you can read wherever you go. You can even cash checks remotely!

How Does it Work?

When you sign up for a service like Traveling Mailbox, you get a mailbox where you can receive paper mail. When new mail comes in, the front of the mail is scanned and you get a picture online. You get a notification and you can see an image of your mail. With each mail piece, you have some choices.

The Traveling Mailbox console. Many options at the click of a mouse.
  • You can open and scan it to read wherever you are
  • You can set it up to push scanned mail to Dropbox for storage if you wish
  • You can forward it unopened to whatever location in the world you wish
  • You can hold it
  • You can shred and delete it

But wait, there’s more!

It gets better. If you someone sends you a check, you can actually have them endorse the check for deposit only and send off to your bank for deposit. I’m literally cashing checks in the US and sending them to my bank to deposit.

I highly recommend using a mail scanning solution like Traveling Mailbox, if you’re planning on doing any travel. If you’re interested just click one of the links or the banner below.

It’s Great for Entrepreneurs

If you’re doing any type of email newsletter, the law requires you to publish your mailing address. You can use a mail scanning solution as your address to maintain some degree of privacy. Who has time to run to the post office these days!

Traveling Mailbox

This post contains affiliate links to Traveling Mailbox and I may be paid a commission or residual income for sales at no cost to you. I personally use Traveling Mailbox and would not recommend them if I didn’t think it’s a great service.