Relaxed earning

Earning Non-Job Income

Going against the script and making money outside of the confines of the traditional 9 to 5 job office job is doable but don’t let anyone delude you into thinking it’s easy. Well, actually it can be easy if you’re lucky or exceptionally smart.  But for the rest of us, it’s gonna take some effort grinding it out.  And it’s nearly always a significant time investment requiring dedication and patience.

But the first step to many business ventures is getting a website up and running online. And to do that, step one is to choose a web host. I highly recommend SiteGround as a host for anything WordPress. Their servers are fast and they’ve got a great reputation at a competitive price.

And I recommend WordPress because it’s FREE…and powerful. It’s an incredible content management system to help you run a site, run a blog and maintain all associated content.

A quick start list of places to make non-job income are

  1. Blogging as a way to drive traffic to your own money making site or to generate ad revenue or affiliate revenue
  2. Freelancing on sites like Upwork or Fiverr. (Click this link to sign up for Fiverr and get up to $100 in signup bonus.)
  3. Tutoring on sites like Wyzant
  4. Earn royalties from your photos on sites like Shutterstock
  5. Real estate investing directly or through REITs
  6. Creating content on Youtube to generate ad revenue or drive traffic to your own site.
  7. Teaching English online
  8. Participating in market research testing products for companies similar to Curion.