Drones could be saving lives now

The Covid-19 virus continues to grow exponentially. As the potential for quarantines becomes a reality, we’ve seen people rushing to grocery stores to panic buy food. Unfortunately, big groups of people are exactly what we should be trying to discourage to slow the spread of the virus.

Today I ran to the grocery store to pick up a bit more food when I saw frightened seniors walking through the store with dish gloves on trying to protect themselves. This was heartbreaking. I think we should be doing what we can as a society to prevent them from having to do this as much as we can.

Let’s Fire Up The Drones

I’m sure there are plenty of legal regulations and red tape that have slowed the rollout of using drones for delivery but how about we temporarily allow it and start using drones to get groceries?

Amazon had tested drones for delivery some time back.

These drones should be delivering groceries to our at-risk populations now.

Shop for a Senior

If you can help a senior in your area, please do so. If you have a neighbor or family member in your area and can pick up groceries for them. It can save lives than you might realize.

Help someone Order Groceries Online

If you know a senior or someone immunocompromised that is not a big technology user, please look into helping them learn to use online grocery delivery or some type of pick up.

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