Teaching English in Asia Guide

I wrote a guide to on how to relocate and teach English overseas. It’s heavily geared towards Taiwan as that’s the country I taught in and I recommend it above most others for various reasons I explain in the guide. I also go over some general info about teaching overseas in other Asian countries. Below is some of the info covered in this free guide.

Beautiful Hualien east coast Taiwan

What’s in the Free Guide?

  • Pay vs cost of living. What you can save in various spots.
  • What you need to head over in terms of visa requirements
  • English level and ability at various spots in Asia
  • Websites you can go to find the English teaching jobs and to meet locals for language exchange and dating.
  • What it’s like living in Asia as a foreigner
  • Tips on affordable inter Asia travel
  • The cheapest ways to get to Asia from FREE to under $600.
Night Market Taiwan
Shilin Night Market in Taiwan. A sugar cane drink available.

Ok, How do I get it?

This early version of the guide is free if you sign up for my free newsletter. That’s it. Eventually, I’m developing this a bit further into a book that I’ll sell for a reasonable price, but I’m making the early version of the guide free. Just sign up below and you’ll get an email with the download.